Child’s Bedroom of Rose, 7 years old #17

Julien and Lisa love what is old, what has lived. In the child’s bedroom of their youngest, Rose, even the bed has a history. It has known three generations. It has been repainted and is now charming – the bucolic charm -: it adapts effortlessly to the wood tones specific to the charm of the house, which dates back to the 1900’s. It is also true for the whole furniture, from the school desk to the doll pram. We could even talk about obsession. Fortunately, Rose added her touch. It looks like “The Princess and the Pea”. Her favourite colour – surprise, it’s pink! – is everywhere and available in an accumulation of textures and delicate patterns. Long piles, fluffy materials, quilted cushions: this is a raft of the medusa in which we’d like to curl up.

Child’s Bedroom of Rose, 7 years old #17

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