Emily Marant’s Cercle des Dianes

Emily Marant’s Cercle des Dianes

In the heart of , in a hotel quai Voltaire which has a Baudelaire frontage, Emily Marant imagined the . It was thought as a place to share and to gather people. Its ambassador – and founder of the eponymous studio – seized the chosen thematic with brio: women. From a discovery to another, the profusion of suggestions linked to femininity in the Rive Gauche instantly seduced and inspired her. The picture of Diane, that symbolises the woman in her autonomy and her creative dimension, does the reste. The idea of the contemporary café was born. Imagining its scenography was the work Yves Mirande and Fabien Vallérian. With this aim in mind, the founders of the ephemeral Café de Sèvre – made during the DDays 2015 – explored the hidden treasures of antique and art dealers. It is a treasure hunt that creates a happy mix-and-match, to which the graphic artists Ich&Kar brought an inspired graphic identity. Regarding the future, the Cercle des Dianes will keep treating its guests both in terms of taste and intellectually until September 30th. And of course, they are backed up by the best design companies!

: Hôtel du Quai Voltaire – 75017 Paris.

Sac Valise Accessoires Découverte Cercle des Dianes Emily Marant
Culottes Henriette H Le Cercle des Dianes Emily Marant
Armoire Accessoires Le Cercle des Dianes Emily Marant

Emily, when will the Cercle des Dianes events will start again?


In September, the Cercle des Dianes is accessible through collaborations of limited-edition creations around the thematic of the woman. Vermilion chains from Aime Bijoux, embroidered underpants which have the names of modern heroines from workshop and unique candlesticks by Marine Breyneart are now available at the .

Can you tell us about your career and your training in art and furniture?


My interest for the editions from artists started in the Musée Maillol. I was working on the selection of the boutique within the framework of the exhibition “C’est la vie!” Vanités de Caravage à Damien Hirst. On this occasion, Nicolas Rubinstein and I created a limited edition of the work of the exhibition. Later, I started working as an art, fashion and design consultant. I got brands in touch with artists, created pop-up shops, found innovating concepts that mixed different artistic disciplines and developed collaborations, while organising conferences. These days, I go to the different contemporary art fairs, design shows and fashion shows looking for new creations.

Emily Marant’s Cercle des Dianes
Emily Marant’s Cercle des Dianes
Bougeoirs Marine Breynaert Le Cercle des Dianes Emily Marant
Emily Marant’s Cercle des Dianes

Where did you go for the holidays?


My family and I sailed along the Turkish coast, and then in Thailand, including in Koh Samui, looking for an architecture project that mixes design and environment.

What is the last book you have read?


It is Smell, by Radhika Jha.

What is the object (or the piece of furniture) in the Cercle des Dianes that you would like for your home?


It would be the Roman fold of fabric that was lent by the .

Emily Marant’s Cercle des Dianes
Emily Marant’s Cercle des Dianes
Canapé Le Cercle des Dianes Emily Marant
Chaises Carrelage Le Cercle des Dianes Emily Marant
Culotte Poissonière Henriette H Le Cercle des Dianes Emily Marant

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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