Romain Colin, Fubiz’s Mastermind

Romain Colin, Fubiz’s Mastermind

Most of their readers are astonished when learning that they are French. With more than two million Facebook fans and a great acceleration in the whole of their social media, it must be said that Romain Colin and his talent crew confuse everyone. Fubiz has existed for a decade. It has become the ultimate reference in terms of digital culture and of art in every shape and form. It is the first editorial contents aggregator. They have become a infinate source of inspiration but also a real showacase for talents. Romain Gavras, Megaforce, JR, We Are From LA, Woodkid: they have all been on this creative hub that this communication student’s project has become. Even if the growth of the media, its globalisation and the way it is requested are exceptional, changing the editorial line is out of question. Fubiz is demanding without being elitist. In plain language, it is beautiful and qualitative, both in terms of diversifying the formats and of contents, but also of brand content and of the events that Fubiz will develop more this year, during a Fubiz Talks. Let’s meet this hyperactive autodidact who sets out his perspective at his place and for us.

: Thursday, 22nd September from 1.30pm to 10pm – Opéra Bastille, 75012 Paris.

Accumulation Livres Appartement Romain Colin

Romain, can you tell us the story of Fubiz, your website, and of your career?


I have launched the platform and media  in 2005 with a strong idea in mind: collect together in one and only place on the web the best creative contents. I was a student at the ISCOM Paris, and, with this side project, I wanted to stand out on the labour market and agencies. Passionate about digital culture and art in every shape and form, I selected design and creative contents from all over the world, and I put them on line every day on Fubiz. By creating this first editorial contents aggregator on this thematic, Fubiz fast attracted the public and gathered a strong community (+2.2 million Fubiz Facebook fans today). This project has fast surpassed my expectations: it has become a source of inspiration for a lot of international creative people, but also a showcase for them. The artists and brands now us to collaborate and talk about their creations in exclusivity.

How do you see it evolve in the years to come?


Photography, design, advertising, illustration, pop culture and architecture: these types of contents has been selected for their quality/originality since the beginning. The evolution in the years to come is especially in their supply, so that they exist out of their first place of diffusion. For a few months, we have been undertaking a great change with this aim in mind on Fubiz social media. The goal is to seduce even more our target by creating even more adapted and exclusive formats for each Fubiz social network.

Currently, our offices are in Paris. But offices in New York and London are developing and must be ready in 2016. The team and I want to go global, which is coherent with our identity. Most of our readers are even often surprised when they learn that we are French.

Is brand content the future?


Yes, definitely, and it is even more the case for a media. Fubiz Media’s economic model is divided into two major parts: advertising and brand content, that takes a more and more important place in 2016. Fubiz Media co-produces its contents for brands such as Samsung, LVMH, Audi and Nespresso, collaborating with talents dedicated to and coming from Fubiz team (artists, Instragram people, directors, etc.)

Salon Appartement Romain Colin
Livres Accumulation Louis Vuitton Villes Steve Jobs Romain Colin
Trophée Oscar Doré Romain Colin
Magazines Fricote Appartement Romain Colin
Fleurs Vases Salon Appartement Romain Colin

Is creativity an essential notion for you?


Creativity is essential because it has been at the heart of my professional project since the beginning. I decided to create the media Fubiz in order to highlight the others’ creativity.

How is Fubiz different?


Over the years, Fubiz professionalised and became the unique hub where most of the creative people which are on a roll come. Among the most famous, there are Romain Gavras, Megaforce, JR, We Are From LA, Yoann Lemoine (alias Woodkid), Nabil Elderkin… The editorial line of the media is demanding without being elitist. Indeed, Fubiz speaks to both creative and curious people, and affects a very large public.

Let’s now talk about this flat. Does it have a history?


It is unique, because it is the place where I started my family.

Were you the one who decorated it?


My girlfriend and I are a team. We try to associate our tastes and to agree on the general look it has to have. It is a pure style, efficient but with important pieces, such as our marble coffee table, the Berber carpet and the black and white photo frame that represents a portrait of Kanye West, taken by , just above our sofa.

How did you choose your furniture?


Both of us brought some from our respective flats when we moved in together. As far as I am concerned, I have not been really demanding about my home before I moved in with Laureline, because I was only going away from Paris, because of all my trips and my very busy professional life. Today, everything is different. I daily want to make it better. I go a lot on deco and art shops online every month, and I find most of my objects.

Where do you go to buy them?


Most of the time, I go on Internet, on online shops such as , , , and . Laureline spends time in antique fairs, on  and never misses her monthly tour in  to give and buy furniture and decoration.

Chambre Parents Apprtement Romain Colin
Table de Nuit Chambre Parents Appartement Romain Colin
Laureline Romain Colin Couple Appartement Portrait
Photos Pirelli Nus Femmes Chambre Parents Appartement Romain Colin Rideaux Blancs Chambre Parents Appartement Romain Colin Casquettes Collection Appartement Romain Colin Vide Poches Salon Table Basse Bleue Appartement Romain Colin
Table Basse Salon Lampe Livre Lumio Appartement Romain Colin

What are your main references?


My main references in architecture are Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel, and of course Zaha Hadid.

What are the pieces you would dream to have?


I would dream to have the famous leather armchair Eames Lounge Vitra, and several lamps from the , the boutique of the famous museum in New York. In terms of art, I would love to have a work or a sculpture by , by Murakami, and more framed pictures from .

You just had a little girl. Do you feel it in your home?


My home has been completely transformed! The living room became a child’s room, our dining room is now a living room and our parents’ room is a real parents’ room now! That is to say, a cocoon to spend time just the two of us. We had to work on it, but now we all three feel good in this new layout.

You are passionate about beautiful things. Can you tell us which are the places you prefer in Paris – or elsewhere – to be amazed?


I only move in scooter in Paris, which gives me the freedom to stop and take pictures of the architecture, in the Bibliothèque François Mitterand for example, the Gaité Lyrique, the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Louis Vuitton Foundation. We are lucky to live in a fascinating city, where even the sky, a stage and a common place are inspiring, because they are highlighted by the typical architecture, the light and the atmosphere.

Which restaurants would you recommend us?


In Paris, I would recommend a lot of places around my offices and my home, but I have to make a choice:, Ober Mama, , Prosper, Grazie, ,  and Maison Plisson for all my appointments, meetings, diners, lunches and cafés!

And what about websites where we can inspire unrestrainedly?


I would recommend a lot of content curation platforms, such as, , , , ,  and of course !

Chambre Bébé Romy Fille Romain Colin
Caisse Rangement Affaires Bébé Fille Romain Colin
Accumulation Bibelots Cheminée Valise Liberty Pot Émail Appartement Décoration Romain Colin Ballon Chambre Bébé Romy Fille Romain Colin Sac Papier Merci Panier Tressé La Redoute Rangement Appartement Romain Colin Romain Colin, Fubiz’s Mastermind Table à Langer Chambre Bébé Romy Fille Romain Colin Lit Bébé Chambre Romy Fille Romain Colin

This flat is unique, because it is the place where I started my family.

Landau Bébé Romy Fille Romain Colin
Romain Colin, Fubiz’s Mastermind

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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