Child’s Bedroom of Anouck #18

Anouck’s parents, Pierre Le Ny and Emilie Urbansky, are aesthetes. In their home, art is omnipresent. They obviously want the best for their daughter. But piano piano. In order to educate her at her own pace and not rushing anything, the duo chooses pieces adapted to her age for her child’s bedroom, such as the mythical night-light Toucan by Ferrari. On the wall, a light green echoes to the floor painted especially in white. It is an ideal backdrop where colours and patterns are reflected, from the floral details of the curtains and the delicate shape of the rattan mirror. The seats are also influenced by the seventies. The Eames are there, in front of the Formica, and just next to the desk lamp by Arne Jacobsen. It is an inspiring and sweet environment to which nobody can be indifferent. Especially not its numerous coloured inhabitants, inherited from a family history filled with a lot of different influences.

Child’s Bedroom of Anouck #18

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