The Armchair, the Centrepiece of the Living Room

The living-room is the main room of your house. The one where you’re going to spend time with your family and friends cozily seated in your favorite armchair. In order for you to be proud of the armchair sitting in the middle of your living area, you have to pick it out carefully and responsibly. Domestic, decorative or retro: you have to find the one that resembles you the most, that’s what’s important. So why not choose a piece with a strong personality, like the Imola chair by , which reminds us of the style of the 20th century? With this Henrik Pedersen creation, voted Design Icon no1 of the Danish store, you can’t really go wrong. Your precious time is optimized. Even kids climb on it one after another and curl up in it when the sun goes down. What a perfect way to spend time with your family ! As far as we’re concerned we are fond of its elegant lines, inherited from the Nordic know-how, they’re timeless, and they’ll furnish your living-room with style and simplicity.

The Armchair, the Centrepiece of the Living Room

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