Child’s Bedroom of Hope, 4 years old #16

In London, at Emma Cassi’s and Bertrand Bosredon’s house, time seems to have stopped. There, the atmosphere is captivating, and the scenography is elaborate. Or maybe not. Every object finds its place surprisingly easily, rather it is an antique, a trinket or an undulated creation. The artist loves making every piece original and she adorns it with something poetic, and up to the space of her daughter, Hope. It is a child’s bedroom in which we would gladly nestle, since the hues are joyful and the textures are quilted. The rug with autumnal fringes matches with the bucolic patterns of the duvet cover, which does not displease the dolls. Just like her, we do not get tired of the carpeting in which we would love walking barefoot. It is a clear comeback for a light backdrop, without being outdated. It is a still life with the colour of coffee in which fluo elements come to liven up the place. We take great delight in this story Emma has created.

Child’s Bedroom of Hope, 4 years old #16

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