Child’s Bedroom of Auguste, 8 years old #15

Really, we never get bored of Anne-Sophie Pailleret‘s works. Even less when they are children’ bedrooms. The designer has three of them. Victoire is 5, and she sleeps in an old-fashioned and deliciously summer-like bedroom. Louis and Auguste, her two sons, are 10 and 8. The latter even have the privilege of sharing a huge room, redesigned into a bedroom. It is one space for two different worlds that she didn’t hesitate to model. Today focuses on Auguste’s side. The predominent colour is blue, punctuated by small touches, from the bed linen to the wallpaper and the painting. Everything is about moderation, and Anne-Sophie knows it well. In order to give an extra measure of harmony to this peaceful arrangement, the interior designer bets on the elegance of vintage elements and the timelessness of clichés. We think we are going to imitate her.

Child’s Bedroom of Auguste, 8 years old #15

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