Taking Inspiration from the Brazilian Design

Brazil is always with us, including on our television screens, in our homes and at . On July 7, the legendary auction house gathered a hundred of handmade and precious design pieces, which reminds us to what extent this furniture has stood out in our daily lives. Brazilian design has a crazy story though.  It is the story of an emancipation and social changes which eventually led to the creation of a unique style in the 40’s. It was an original creation, between contemporary legacy and tropicalismo, crafts and local materials. One of its pioneer was the Portuguese . He was an architect and one of the firsts to create its own furniture and to introduce in their fabrication typically Brazilian products such as Jaracanda wood and straw, while making a great reputation to cane works and mahogany. It is a true mine of inspiration for modernism pioneers such as , Scapinelli, Lina Bo Bardi and Jorge Zalszupin, who, as a consequence, were able to feed on this artistic (and national!) contribution to transform the 50’s and 70’s into the most prolific time of design in Brazil. It is a very specific approach which aimed to enhance the Brazilian culture and its new modernity. The style is always very personal, and even completely daring. A few decades later, the result is here. Tripod or wicker chairs, crazy looks, coloured furniture, cane works and weaving are going to be everywhere in our homes. Really, Brazilian design has a bright future.

Taking Inspiration from the Brazilian Design

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