A Seasonal Bathroom

Yes, Indian summer is well and truly over. But still! We still like the nobleness of some materials which looks cold, such as marble, after having plunged into a hot bath. From this safe place, we enjoy funny Chinese shadow plays, made by the vegetation we let slip through our windows, just like sunbeams, with no hesitation. The air is sweet, almost fresh in this coloured autumn, and the dance of leaves seems to have kept going in our bathroom. Who made this pointillist scene?  and its linen with tawny tints. They are warm guests which will find their places on our wardrobe especially made for care or on our immaculate furniture. As if it were to highlight them more and sketch through them the desire to have a light decoration. Yes, that’s it, bath is over. Steam seizes our steps and envelops our body into a cotton and bamboo creation. It’s time to contemplate, curled up in our relaxation room.

A Seasonal Bathroom

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