Child’s Bedroom of Marceau, 2 years old #11

Alice Bizien is a compulsive bargain hunter, just as Guillaume is. Seeing an object is enough for her to imagine the space that goes with it and the combination that will make the difference. In her second son’s bedroom, the furniture sheen and the old toys associate with pop colours. In order to transpose Marceau’s world, the mum did not hesitate to stage a recreational landscape, full of mischievous animals and borrowed from nature, and between wood and grass. It is almost possible to fell the fresh breeze of a spring afternoon after having entered this room. This feeling is confirmed by the yellow of the honeycombed balls hung from the ceiling, which evokes the soft rays of the sun. We are felling good in there. You don’t even need to enter the tepee.trunk

Child’s Bedroom of Marceau, 2 years old #11

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