Daydream à la Parisienne

Daydream à la Parisienne

Summer is on its way and with it comes the euphoria of the festival season. Urban Outfitters has understood this. The American brand has the most complete choice of original and lovable decoration items. From the bedroom to the balcony, decided to seize the spirit of the brand to celebrate those shared moments of relaxing and musical discoveries. So let’s give priorities to the colours, joyful like the vision of Parisian rooftops after an urban adventure. As we are amazed by this vision, we are urged to escape our conscience. It is a fresh vision that is embodied by the sight of a fluffy rug bathed in sunlight with touches of bright colours with the cherries and the glasses. As a music background a bewitching voice is diffused from a retro record player. The setting is almost perfect and we only lack the final accessories that will make all the difference. At random, we pick a pair of pink sunglasses that will definitely give us a happier vision of the world. The frame is set. All we have to do is relax now.

Daydream à la Parisienne
Daydream à la Parisienne

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