The Hut, the Dream World of our Children

The Hut, the Dream World of our Children

Who has never dreamt of having his/her own hut? The one, impregnable, perched on the branches of these tall trees, made with a lot of energy and well-conducted negociations. An idealised utopia we were only a few to live. Why so? Parents not always consenting. And not really good DIYers. But that was before! Now, the modern shelters are even in our children’s bedrooms. Whether it be a tent, a tepee or a perfect made-to-measure bed, it’s up to us to do things right! So we choose natural materials and warm accesories. Let’s create a little nest for them. Carpeting, rugs and cushions are welcome. With a rhythmic wallpaper, a dancing colour which arouses curiosity. Those elements together will enable our offspring to create a universe only for him/her. A world in which everything is possible and where every story will come alive. Our child will become the captain of his/her room. This adventurous decision maker will love the fun side of these huts. Adapted to all desires, they’ll be perfect both for playing and having a rest. From Paris to Berlin and New York, the huts are the symbols of rooms that look like our generation. It’s a playground for the mothers, since the bedrooms have changed: they are no longer standardised and monochromic. Today, let’s be creative! The children will take care of the rest. We promise you.

Chambre d'enfant Cabane Panorama Papier peint Salon Alexia Aubert Matthieu Albertini Paris
Chambre d'enfant Cabane en pin Création Sina Gwosdzik et Jakob Dannenfeldt Appartement Berlin
chambre enfant colorée sur-mesure papier peint jazz aqua multicolore au fil des couleurs appartement créatrice chez Bogato Anaïs Bogato
Chambre d'enfant Cabane Appartement Paris
Chambre d'enfant Tipi à la déco printanière chez Alice Bizien
chambre d'enfant colorée Tapis papier peint les bidules pierre frey Cabane en pin Appartement Constance Gennari
The Hut, the Dream World of our Children
The Hut, the Dream World of our Children
Chambre Enfant Lit Cabane Filles Déco Rose Tracy Francelet et Jean-Philippe Bouchard
Chambre d'enfant Lit Cabane Papier peint Nathalie Lété Amélie Colombet
The Hut, the Dream World of our Children

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