A Vintage Bedroom

A Vintage Bedroom

The space in our bedrooms are more and more little, so to feel better there, you’d better gamble on comfort and soft materials. A vintage, cosy and muted bedroom: here is what we want. Choose a carpeting or a thick carpet for your floor and old linen sheets and beautiful plaids we like passing on. Coloured, a bit faded and cosseted by time, they will warm you bed and its patterns and regressive flat tints gave it its tempo. A vintage bedroom, it’s also bargain-hunted wall lights with a subdued atmosphere, a desk wisely used and bedside tables carefully chosen. Sometimes chairs, sometimes books, even sometimes included in the headboard! For this, we dare the velvet the Italian socialite Marie-Louise Scio loves, but also rattan and cane works, for an original XVIIIth effect. This fashionable natural material is everywhere in the pieces of furniture of the moment. For example, the bench uses it in the creation of Eva-mebel.xyz. Often forgotten, this practical and decorative seat is perfect for a vintage bedroom. At the end of the bed or as an elegant storage unit, you can exhibit your most beautiful works and favourite pieces and seat with style!
Chambre blanche moquette vintage Appartement Alexia Aubert Matthieu Albertini Paris
Chambre Vintage Bois Design Italien Paolo Casati Milan
Chambre Vintage Lustre Italien Michele Pasini Italie
A Vintage Bedroom
Chambre Parents Vintage Linge de lit Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar
Chambre Vintage Linge de lit Stefano Vitali Milan
Chambre Applique Vintage Nordiques Louise Vyff et Grégory Paris
A Vintage Bedroom
Chambre Vintage Mobilier Mélange Nelly Patron Montpellier

Photography : Constance Gennari – Text : Caroline Balvay @thesocialitefamily

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