Creating an Office Corner

Creating an Office Corner

A lack of space is one of the most exciting challenges to be faced when the idea of creating an office corner springs to mind. It’s up to us to push the boundaries of the possible and imagine new uses for our apartment. Under a staircase, in an entrance hall, built into a bookcase: the characters that comes across are ever- resourceful! No more preconceived ideas for them. An office corner can be original and elegant. Choose your desk with great care so that it fits in perfectly with your decor. It will set the tone in the middle of the room, in a corner or against the wall, in the space of your choice. Choose it with elegant lines and fine legs, ideally in wood and metal so you can display your stuff neatly (or not!) for once, and your prints or photographs. Masters of the versatile, confesses to a preference for modular furniture, like USM. It can be transformed just as easily to shelving as to a dressing table, and its design, bright colours and, above, its practicality make it irresistible. Because personalisation is key when it comes to creating an office corner. Upstream of your layout, it’s worth thinking about made-to-measure for your larger pieces of furniture. A bookcase or an unused alcove could be fitted with an extra tier with the right dimensions so that your desk can be naturally slipped into the framework of your decor. All that’s left is to add a seat in a different style to create an attractive contrast. The effect will be instant.

Creating an Office Corner
Bureau Charlotte Perriand Chaise Jean Prouvé Pierre Chapo Céline Faraud Appartement Paris
Bureau Appartement Bertrand Waldbillig Paris
Bureau Bibliothèque Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Bureau Haydée Touitou Sofia Nebiolo et Sarah de Mavaleix Appartement Paris
Bureau Bbuble Appartement Duplex Paris Nayla Voillemot et Romain
Creating an Office Corner

We had to create a real three-roomed apartment, with an office in its own right, all of it in 41 square meters. It was quite a challenge so the passageway, which was first a dressing, became my office.

Bureau Bibliothèque Appartement Paris Charlotte Vauvillier et Jean Baptiste Bouvier
Creating an Office Corner

Photography: Constance Gennari  – Text: Caroline Balvay – Translation: @thesocialitefamily

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