The Bench, a Stylish Compromise

The Bench, a Stylish Compromise

The bench is one of these pieces of furniture that we see evolving throughout our lives. Who doesn’t remember having sat on this family seat during never-ending meals? Who doesn’t remember its worn wooden set at school? It’s practical around a table, just like in Alexia Aubert‘s home, and it enables closeness. It gathers people, and it gives rise to friendship. Its warmth is obvious: it makes it the meeting place of the youngest ones. It summarizes its soul, the laughters and the daily life. It also enables imagination: used as a tool for the scenography of one of Alexandra Diez‘s room when she decides to highlight it, or as the receptionist in the functional entrance in Lora Appleton‘s apartment. We hesitate about its aspect. School bench or garden bench? The most important is its line. Fine and classic when it’s a wooden bench, discrete when it’s a bench from the new generation – we have an example of it in Stéphanie Lizée‘s bathroom. The bench perfectly matches with the decoration, embellishes a wall and offers the opportunity to sit down with elegance to anyone. A rather stylish compromise on which we don’t hesitate to gamble. Now we just need to accesorize!

panchina 2
panchina 1
Banc en pin massif non verni Cuisine Maison Tessa Hop
Leaning Wooden Bench 995,00€

Leaning wooden bench by Studio Isabela Boloz on Crowdy House. Its design dares to question existing forms and proves…

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Salle de bain Baignoire Peinture Terracotta Canard en plastique jaune Banc Ikea SINNERLIG Liège Appartement Stéphanie Lizée
Banc Chanel Cintres Bureau Alexandra Golovanoff

The bench also enables imagination: used as a tool for the scenography!

The Bench, a Stylish Compromise
Salle à manger Appartement Alexia Aubert Matthieu Albertini Paris
Hiba Long Bench 159,25€

Oak-tree and steel long bench. Dimension : 160 cm.

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panchina 4
panchina 3
Ethnic Charpoy – Anne-claire Ruel
Ethnic Charpoy 450,00€

Ethnic Charpoy, wooden structure and mattress 100% rope. Colours: ecru and grey. Dimensions : 150 x 60 x 37 cm.

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Banc Streep Art Appartement Fanny Millet et David Paris
panchina 5
The Bench, a Stylish Compromise

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Great post, thank you!
Can you tell me, in the first photo, the maker of the gorgeous teal color handbag? Is so lovely!
XO, 23 January 2017

Hello Meg,
The bag is a creation of the French designer Jérôme Dreyfuss.
His name is Carlos !
Have a great day, Team

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