We Want Velvet !

We Want Velvet !

The weather is now ready and willing for a return of sumptuous fabrics and velvet is at the front of the stage. The soft draping and wrapping is particularly appreciated if one wants to create a cozy cocoon for the winter and it is available all around! Whether it’s curtains, bed linen, cushions or an upholstered sofa, velvet suits every room creating a peaceful and comforting atmosphere.  Timelessly chic, upon different angles the materials reflections seem to dance, giving a truly precious impression. Thus, dark velvet cushions easily enhance the value of a sofa in a neutral colour, while a tub chair in a shade of mustard yellow velvet adds a dense and cheerful note in the corner of a living room or entry. Velvet is a strong fabric that blends well with other components of a strong identity such as brass, marble and copper, resulting in a union of materials and light that delights us always!

Assise Velours Bleue Palmier Décoration Hôtel Providence
Salon Stefano Vitali Canapé Velours
Fauteuil Velours Chambre Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Assise Velours Jaune Fondateurs Brocante Lab Charlotte Cadé Maxime Brousse
Chambre Linge de Lit Velours Bleu Hôtel Providence
Chambre Appartement Fanny Millet et David Paris
fauteuils velours rouge salon michele pasini
Hôtel Providence Rideau Doré Velours

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